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  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you for setting up your blog & showing us your talents..I have not seen anything like this in the US or Canada.
    I wish I could get my two Westies to do this! hahaha

    You do put a lot of work into this & I wonder how you find the time for everything. God bless you,
    Cindy Hartsock

  2. Sandra F says:

    Ah, proof positive that dogs do have a soul and that they are just about God’s perfect creature. Absolutely precious; I was moved to tears as so many have been. Thank you for the beauty that you contribute to our world.

  3. Tucker's Mom says:

    What a pleasure it was to come here and watch the videos and read about you and Chandi. Thank you!

  4. Kathy says:

    Tina and Chandri, you have made my day! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world.
    God bless you both.

  5. Ginger says:

    I don’t have anything as profound to say as what I’ve read today but I’ve got to tell you how very much I admire you and your Chandi. I would love to dance with Rosie my Papillion but I’m afraid I’d step on her. Thanks for sharing

  6. Lee says:

    Amazing, enjoyed every minute of your video, what a dog and trainer, so nice of you to share this with everyone.

  7. Tony Frances says:

    You and your beautiful dog are amazing, moving, and have moved me to tears. Thank you for your wonderful sharing of what seem like almost “intimate” moments between the two of you. Such devotion and love between you both is truly a beautiful thing to behold. Thank you, Thank you. Health and Happiness to you and all you hold dear.

  8. Carol says:

    You are a perfect pair, what a delight to watch and a sweet story that made me teary. I sent this to all my dog-loving friends and family members, which are numerous, and they responded very enthusiastically!

  9. Lillian says:

    I was so moved I could not take my eyes off of this video!
    Amazing talent and preformence. It is easily seen the love you both have for each other!

  10. Jamie Mcconnell says:

    Wow! What a talent – I’m speaking of all of you. We’ve rescued a blue heeler/australian mix we named Ruby that provides me some basis of understanding of how you and Chandi might feel. Great stuff. thanks

  11. Norma Mosso says:

    What a display of devotion and dedication. I loved it!!!

  12. Jpendergrass says:

    Absolutely fabulous!! Everyone wants world peace….but more realisticly, I wish for more people like you and have the words ’animal cruetly’ to be unheard of. God Bless you!

  13. Kathy says:

    Tina and Chandri demonstrate so beautifully the bond that can form between all living beings on God’s earth. What beautiful souls. Thank you so much!

  14. Carol. says:

    Pure pleasure to watch.

  15. Janice says:

    Big Hugs and wet nose kisses from Decatur, Indiana,
    Janice and “kids”….KaelaMarie, MatelynRose, and TuckerOwen

  16. melissa brown says:

    Also a lifetime dog person and trainer – mainly working dogs. They are who I am and my life. I have never seen anything so magical and extra-ordinary. Sending you my heartfelt THANK YOU. I will never forget this
    video and seeing the great love shared between you and your dog and how much love is in your dogs entire expression for you.

    Very Sincerely Melissa

  17. Kimberly says:

    Tina and Chandi:

    Amazingly Beautiful!! I can’t think of any other way to describe both of you!
    The dedication and love that you both share is awe inspiring!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    I can’t bear to watch this too many times as I start to cry before the dance even begins!!

  18. EV says:


  19. Gina says:


    Just wanted to say loads of luck for Crufts!

    I noticed you have a Blue Peter photo, would be really grateful if you could email me a full size 🙂



  20. Diane Jones says:

    Just to say how much we enjoyed your routines at Crufts 2009.

    Very very very well done what an achievement by the pair of you. Superb.

    from Diane Jones and Ruth Dunning

  21. Dear Madam,

    I belong to Your admirers for years. I like Your way of handling your dog in the ring and all the interesting moves You can perform with Your dog.

    Therefore I would like to address You with a proposal to give a Heelwork to Music workshop in the Czech republic this year, if you have few free days in Your calendar still.

    I would like to offer You several dates for a possible cooperation.
    11th July – 17th July or 19th July – 25th July: we organize two camps in Chotěboř, small town 100km from Prague. The lectures will be held on the carpet in a gym already used for the National Championship of Dogdancing twice. We would like to invite You for any one of there terms, the choice depends on Your available time. We can arrange traveling, meals and accommodation for You. If You decide to take Your dogs with You, we will be pleased.
    18th July there is going to be a small Dogdancing competition; we would be honored, if You would like to join us as a judge or competitor.

    Since the 1st of March we have opened Dogstudio in Prague – an area with 120m2 spaced ring, equipped for Dogdancing with mirrors, etc. We would like to held weekend-long workshops during the year and we would be pleased, if you accept an invitation to teach on any of the workshops. If you are interested, please send us few dates You would like to come, so we could choose one to invite You. The space and tools will be fully available for Your needs.

    I am looking forward for Your reply,

    Yours faithfully,
    Lada Krejčová

  22. Ramona & Roy says:

    Dear Tina and Chandi,
    What an inspiration you two are for us! We just started to train Freestyle…and we simply LOVE it! Roy, my pure bred Border Collie, is already 9.5 years old (he is also a rescue dog!) but he enjoys every new move he learns. Ofcourse I wont push him to do things that he is not able to do physically, but there are still a lot of fun things to do! We just had a weeks workshop by Brigitte van Gestel here in Holland and that was really cool!
    I really enjoy the videos of you and Chandi, they are good learningsmaterial for me. What pleases me the most though is that you both seem to have so much FUN together, you are simply in love with eachother…. it shows! 🙂
    Thank you for all your routines, and the inspiration!!
    frinedly greetings from Ramona and Roy from Holland

  23. etienne marchione says:

    i hope you will submit your wonderful video for animal planet!
    we are looking for cute dog videos!
    please e-mail!

    I will send info.!

  24. mamdouh says:

    nice job

  25. Wondering Woman says:

    The greatest joy in my life is giving my rescued dogs days filled with love. To see you and your dog so full of love for each other is as beautiful as any dance you could do.

  26. Teresa Davies says:

    Hi Tina, Deb has told me all about your very exciting news, you must be so proud. Ive sat and watched all your videos and they are trully amazing. I wish you all the very best in Britains Got Talent and we are all behind you. Well done to the both of you, Teresa x

  27. Anna Fox says:

    Hi Tina,
    Just found your website after watching you and Chandi on Britains Got Talent – you have achieved so much together – well done

  28. Steve Childs says:

    Superb!!!!! I remember your Jim’ll fix it appearances, you have done so well in life……. Keep up the good work, Hope you win BGT 2010.

    Steve x

  29. Lesley Waterhouse says:

    Just to say MANY CONGRATULATIONS to you and Chandi for such a wonderful achievement at Crufts. No surprise really as you two “dance as one”. Good luck with BGT! (Jessie from UK Labradoodle Association)

  30. Jean Carter says:

    Tina & Chandi , well done for making it to Britains Got Talent!
    Have admired you performing at HTM Coventry and Crufts , you both really have got talent .
    Wishing you all the very best
    Your Fans
    Jean ( Robbie , Ritzy, Dazzle , Willow & Clover )

  31. Fred & Rosie says:

    Good luck on BGT from two rescue blue merle border collies – lots of love and licks Fred & Rosie

  32. Nicole & Greg says:

    Well Done!!!!!!!!! but what number do we call to vote for u??????????? on Britains got Talent!



  33. Hi Tina and Chandi,
    CONGRATULATIONS on a well deserved win on Britains got Talent tonight. Watching your performance gave me a huge lump in my throat.
    If we are very lucky we are sent a ‘special’ animal to travel on lifes pathway with us. Chandi is your special animal and you obviously share a unique and lasting bond.
    Good Luck and Very Best Wishes to both of you for Saturdays final. Viv and Zoe (Great Dane)

  34. The very best of luck for the final on Saturday, it is wonderful to see the bond between the two of you.

  35. Noeleen (Dogs Rock & Rule) says:

    Well done to both of you.
    I was jumping up and down in my sitting room with my 2 collies when I saw you got top votes.

    C O N G R A T S

    Best of luck for Saturday. I really hope you win cos you deserve it so much.

    Love to Chandi from Kim and Belle (we’re woofing for you) xxx

  36. Helen says:

    I voted for you last night – many times!!! It was really enjoyable watching what you and Chandi achieved, but also to see how she looks at you – totally focussed on her ‘mum’ and not taking any notice of the noise and lights etc. She clearly loves you very much. Was lovely to see.

  37. Jean Carter says:

    Fingers , toes and paws crossed for Saturdays Final x

  38. Judy says:

    Dear Tina & Chandi:

    Lovely performance. I get tears watching you and Chandi perform. Best of luck on Saturday. Watching from Canada !

  39. ian porter says:

    hi tina and chandi i have set up a facebook page called tina and chandi to win britains got talent and i am getting loads of people to join and hopefully to vote for you both …good luck wishes from ian … woof woof

  40. Hannah says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi,

    I voted for you many times on tuesday night. I have a border collie, also 12, called Molly. I adore this dog, and well, she adores me. She has a special bond with me that she wont share with anyone else, even a special high five jump up move. I love her and watching you and chandi on bgt on tuesday reminds me of my bond with Molly. It literally bought tears to my eyes, and a lump to my throat.
    Best of luck in the final on saturday!

  41. liam dearden says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi think your the best act brittian has ever had Iam your number one fan I will be voteing for you both good luck best wishes from liam woof woof xxx

  42. Amy says:

    Dear Tina & Chandi

    iloveyou SO much!!
    Please email me!!
    I would LOVE it!

    I’d love to meet you too!
    Please visit my website
    and good luck for tomorrow,
    not asif you will need it!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  43. Noeleen says:

    Good Luck tonight girls – all the best from Belle and Kim (border collie crosses) here in Dublin xxxx

  44. Kate says:

    You two were amazing tonight on the britains got talent final. Hope you win, you deserve it the most 😀 Love you xxxx

  45. Paul says:

    Just watched your final performance now, both rooting and phoning for you Tina! Im involved with rescue charity for Springer Spaniels, despite having a Goldie myself! and i think its amazing that you rescued Chandi and are so wonderful together, she’s a fantastic doggie ! 🙂 Best wishes lets hope you both win ! Paul X

  46. Jamie says:


    I voted for you, you should have won! Love Chandi! 🙂

    Good luck in the future!


  47. liz white says:

    A brilliant performance on BGT tonight. Such a shame you didn’t win but Chandi seemed to love every second of it and that;s what counts.

    I’m actually sitting here crying like a little girl because I don’t have a dog at present and seeing you and Chandi together has made me realise how much I miss that wonderful bond between dog and owner.

    Love to you both xxx

  48. babs says:

    just want to say wow u have the most amazing beautiful dog… i have a collie called misty and i love her to bits and to be fair with you i love chandi to, she is adorable and the work you have done with her is out of this world, me nd misty want to send all our love to you, and all the best for the future please dont give up…. we love you and you was up against some tuff acts tonite but still got my vote love to u bothxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  49. Di says:

    Many congratulations on your performance tonight. Although Chandi looked hot she gave her all. The look of sheer adoration and trust she gives you will stay with me all my life.
    I lost my old girl at 13 and a half just a year ago but up to her last and only 3 days of illness she had as much energy and joy of life that I see in Chandi.

  50. Ally says:

    I think you and Chandi are amazing, I have two Blue merle collies , Merlin who is 3, and my dear old Blue who is 14, Im afraid nither if them dance but both can sing. Please give Chandi a big hug from us, and tell her she is and always will be a winner. Ally and Alan.

  51. Victoria says:

    I am genuinely gutted Chandi didn’t win, she’s sooooo amazing, well done! I think a lot of you both! Keep dancing Tina & Chandi 🙂 xxx

  52. Poppy Robinson says:

    I would like to say a HUGE well done!! You both did so fantastically and I know the whole of Shrewsbury was willing for you to go all the way! You used to teach me piano at primary school. I’ve seen you a couple of times at my work as well, Pets At Home. I’m not sure if you remember me but I felt felt so proud to see you both perform and do so well. The bond between you two is inspirational.

  53. Saskia Noomen says:

    hello tina, just wanted to say i have been following you on bgt and youtube, how wonderful you are with Chandi. i have an old scruffy dog i found in a refuge in australia 14 years ago, he is now approx 15 and this is the love of my life. not as lovely as yours as he is very afraid of people, but for me wonderful. i am terrified of losing him but he is getting older…
    anyway just wanted to say hi and will keep following you and chandi, such a gorgeous dog!
    Saskia x

  54. Ujjal says:

    U & Chandi absolutly rocked on BGT! Well done !
    I am a lighting & robotics engineer in India working on sound & light shows based on animals.
    You have sort of inspired me to do a doggy show based on the 12 notes in an octave with 12 robotic dogs(13 actually with the next C) of varying heights who move their mouths and bark in tune. I will program them to bark out tunes , starting with ‘Doe-a-deer’ (what better to start with) from S of M.

    TC & a big God Bless

  55. peter morgan says:

    dear tina and chandi just to let u know how much i enjoyed watching and voting 4 u on BGT. i have a blue merle border collie to called smokie the look alike to chandi is amazing i was with u all the way on bgt. and i love my dog as much as u love yours they r amazing dogs. she is 6 years old but so loving towards me nobody else gets a look in hope to c u again soon on tv thank u very much for your entertainment. p. morgan barrow in furness cumbria

  56. Kandy and Family says:

    Tina, you and Chandi won our hearts on Britains got talent. Though we were viewing your clips from across the pond in America and could not vote we were quite full of joy that you both made it so far in the show! Thank you so much for your website with all of it’s information, I truly enjoyed learning more about your life and your companions. We wish you luck with your future and much happiness!

  57. song bird says:

    You are Chandi are spectacular! What a wonderful friend and companion you have, and to think she is a rescue dog. I’m so impressed. Dogs are so much smarter then most give them credit for..and you have done an awesome job, giving her love and teaching her to dance. I would love it if you had a moment to give me an idea of even how to begin to teach my border collie to dance. I hope you win!

  58. You are a lovely person and Chandi is lucky to have found such a wonderful, thoughtful owner. I know your answer will be that the priviledge is all yours as Chandi returns your love tenfold.

  59. Carmen says:

    I was just surfin’ around for some facts about dog dancing in Austria (where I live), when I finally saw your shows from the crufts on youtube.
    My first thought: Amazing!
    My second thought: How to teach a dog something like this! I have a pug, her name is Mia and she actually just does something like twist, jumping over my arms, legs, into my arms, stuff like that. I think that a pug may cannot do some of these special tricks I saw now, wich are easier vor bigger dogs.
    In just a few minutes watching the videos and reading this website I became a great fan of you two!

    I really enjoyed watching your performance!
    Best wishes

    PS: I hope my English was okay (;

  60. Claire says:

    Chandi is beautiful and super, super talented! I suffer with depression and I watch your Britain’s Got Talent audition video on Youtube whenever I feel down. It always makes me smile. What a routine! I hope Chandi can continue dancing for a while yet, I think the bond you both have is fantastic and the love between you is heart warming. Love to you both! XXX

  61. Georgia says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi, I think that you guys are amazing, the things that Chandi can do are fantastic. Tina, you have done a good job with Chandi!!! Good luck in everything you do.

  62. Hyder Ali Pirwany says:

    One of the most multi talented persons I have had the pleasure to be a loving fan of. Tina is absolutely fabulous and gorgeous in every way.

  63. Mike Smith says:

    Just had the DVD delivered, very entertaining and so much info about SATS.

    Quality all round.

    xxxxxxxx X to You and Chandi

  64. Laura says:

    I love you to. I do Heelwork To Music my self. Just outside whitchurch. Got a small competition on Sunday. I love it. I am 12yrs old!

  65. Amy Sewell says:

    Just wanted to let you know we got your dvd for christmas and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT HAS MADE! We only out it on for the first half hour yesterday and 20 mins later Lola our little La’Chon was he ha and targeting !! We paid £35 for 8 weeks of training classes and although it helped wish we had just stuck with your dvd!!Well done you two!!
    And thanks sooo much for educating everyone !
    Amy & Lola (woof!)

  66. Demmi says:

    you and your unconditional love for your friends like Chandi are amazing.I am really amazed at how wonderful you are she is when you are together.It is a pity that you cannot come to ChristChurch and spread your inspiration around here as our non-human friends have been completely unsettled by our continuing earthquakes.If I make it to England one day to see you and Chandi perform I will be happy to meet you and shake your hand.Watching your videos are so inspiring and bring happiness to our bleak days 🙂

  67. Rachel Webb says:

    Your Dvd arrived today and I was so pleased to see it included instructions on how to do all your famous ballet moves. I have been guesing at how to train them and made amazing progress after watching it. I felt we were missing something and the gggg fills that gap wonderfully. I loved watching you when you were on Britains got Talent and voted for you to win.

  68. Monica King says:

    Thank you Tina and Chandi for your wonderful book and the DVD. Both are amazing. I loved reading about you all and fell in love with Pepper and Chandi very quickly. You made me laugh and cry and I became completely involved in the whole story. I lost my parents some years ago and felt so much for you Tina in those terribly sad times. I have almost always had dogs and know the heartbreak of losing them. I lived your story with you and very much hope that there will be a sequel. I remember you both on Britain’s Got Talent and so much hoped you would win but that wasn’t to be.
    Please write more and my very best wishes to you both.

  69. Jacqueline Brown says:

    Tina and Chandi – what an inspiration. Your determination and commitment. I only found you by accident a few months ago, googling agility at Crufts. What a team you are. Watching the ballet routine, I had tears in my eyes. Since then, I noticed you had just published your book. So I had to get my hands on one. I felt such a connection as similar events in my life too with Dad dying, then Mum and all the boxes. It is very hard. I guess Chandi reminds me in some ways of my Max who died last November. Tumor on his spleen which had ruptured. He was only 11. I miss him every day. Chandi is such a beautiful looking girl and the expressions on her face are priceless. You both reach everyone around the world. This message is coming from Australia.

  70. Jean Wise says:

    Dear Tina and Chandi – WOW! My heart leaped out of my chest when I watched your routine. Absolutely beautiful. I love watching musical freestyle in in dressage so I loved your routine, but any routine you do I would love! Thank you so much for you love of animals and people. Jean Wise, Pendleton OR.

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