Crufts 2009 – NEW VIDEOS.


CRUFTS 36 SL 05This has been an amazing Crufts for Chandi and I. We qualified for both the Freestyle and Heelwork to Music Finals back in January and Thursday March 5 saw us competing in the Freestyle Final with our brand new ‘ballet’ routine, and , we WON! But there was no time to relax and enjoy our success as we were competing in the Heelwork to Music Final the next day.

Friday dawned and Chandi and I rolled weary and bleary eyed out of beds at 5.45 am to be back at the N.E.C. in time for the HTM Final. Chandi danced her little heart out and didn’t put a paw wrong throughout the routine and was again … awarded first place! But yet again, there was no chance to relax as having won theBritish Freestyle Final on Thursday, meant that we were now to represent England in the International Freestyle Final on Saturday. We were at a distinct disadvantage compared to the other teams competing as we were the only team that had been performing for two straight days, and we were exhuasted, but we pulled ourselves together, and Chandi gave her all in the ring, only making two small mistakes, one of which was due to ‘prop malfunction’, which reduced our accuracy mark … but, unbelievably … we won that too, making Chandi the only dog to have ever won all three competitions at the same Crufts.

Someone has uploaded our Freestyle routine to YouTube, but it is missing frames, but still very watchable – I shall hopefully try to upload a better version of this Freestyle routine, along with our winning Heelwork to Music routine at some point this week, so please check back!

Finally – here is our winning Heelwork To Music routine, set to Leona Lewis’ beautiful ‘Footprints in the sand’. This performance was our demonstration late on ‘Crufts’ Friday, complete with magiacl spotlights, after we won the HTM competition earlier that day.

6 Responses to Crufts 2009 – NEW VIDEOS.

  1. Chris Humphrey says:

    What a week! Congratulations on all three victories, thoroughly deserved! I am very proud of you and all of your achievements!

  2. Monique says:

    I was not at Crufts,im living in Belgium so sorry if my english is not perfekt.Did see both routines on Youtube, and waaauw.The freestyle so humoristic and the heelwork what a team you two are !!!!!
    Congratulations and greetings

  3. June Fincham says:

    Congratulations on your superb wins, it was definately your year and very well deserved. We are over from SA for the last 3 years and watched you 3 years ago and thought how brilliant you both were then. I hear that Chandi is not so well so I really hope that she is much better now and it was nothing but just exhaustion. Please put on your web site how she is. Good luck.

  4. Kay Ohana says:

    Absolutely beautiful, rewards well earned. May your future be joyous.

  5. dayle sutton says:

    I have for over twenty years exhibited rottweilers and japanese spitz successfully in australia in the show ring and my daughter although a keen and successful junior handler of dogs proceeded to show in the professional show ring of reining horses we still keep up with crufts every year and absolutly love the freestyle obediance which we can marry up to the reining freestyle . a hell of a lot of time and work, horses you get to ride, dogs its all ground work, but the same time and hard work are put into it. but if it all comes together and patience and love are in abundance it will all come together and like a great relationship it will marry up. The crufts 2009 which i have just seen with chandi and you preforming ballet was absolutly unbelievably fantastic you have a fantastic repor with chandi that humans wish but never have with their own kind.what i saw between you and your dog i also see between my daughter and her horses and feel very sorry for the humans that never see that or feel it in their lifetime. we wish you all the best and all happiness in your future ventures together keep you safe and may you have a long and prosperous lifes journey. till we all meet over the rainbow bridge

  6. Barry says:

    I have a very large long haired German shepherd a rescue dog also. I wouldn’t be with out him and it was so good to see you with Chandi on BGT.

    Chandi is so beautiful could you send some photos please. Hope you win BGT.

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