Canine Freestyle – watch video.

Chandi and I performed this routine to ‘Mack and Mabel’ at Crufts in 2007. It is a true Freestyle routine, full of ‘tricks’ and moves performed at a distance, as opposed to the close work of the dressage (Heelwork to Music) routine. It was filmed by someone in the audience at Crufts who enjoyed it enough to go to the bother of putting it on YouTube – I really appreciate it being there!

15 Responses to Canine Freestyle – watch video.

  1. Margaret Sutherland says:

    Absolutely Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Donna Prewitt says:

    that was awesome…..what an amazing dog…and the time and talent it took to train her. Great job!!

  3. tammie says:

    I’m stunned. This was fantastic. I am a first time dog owner and am in love with my dog. This is so inspiring. You, this, is every reason to own a dog. Thank you for showing the world what a bond between dog and owner can be.

  4. johanna says:

    I have been sent this by a friend who has raved about how good it is but the link has directed me to your blog. For some reason I can’t get any of the videos to play and I keep getting directed back and forth between the web link and the Blog page. I’d love to see your video-how can I do this?

  5. Glo says:

    I loved this thanks so very much!!!

  6. Tom Wolfe says:

    This was fantastic. My wife and I have had dogs all of our married lives (43 years) and they have always given us total pleasure, and of course very difficult times when they have left us.

    It was a pleasure to watch such a wonderful celebration of bonding, and how pleased Chandi was at the end of the routine.

  7. Polly says:

    Thanks so much to my friend Molly who shared this video with me while am grieving the recent loss of my Yellow Lab, Otis who suddenly came down with aggressive Lymphoma and with no chance of survival, I had to put my young (not yet 4 yrs old) boy down. Otie always will be young and I take comfort in that, as while he was not as talented (nor am I much of a trainer) as Chandi, watching Chandi perform with such joy…a joyous exuberance just being alive and loving their person…I tearfully watched this performance and felt once again, lucky to have been loved by my dog. I cannot write anything about Otis without mentioning his “step-dad-dog”, Buster, whom I also lost just over six months ago. He was a shelter-dog, a calm, gentle giant of Black Lab and Rott mix. He was grown when we brought 6 week old Otis home and he happily adopted him as his own puppy, taught him everything he knew and protected him at every turn. My dogs…talentless as they were at all but love and loyalty…will always be with me. Thank you for making me remember the joy, Chandi!

  8. Janice says:

    with a happy song, a happy dog and a happy master, I still cry, just seeing the unbelievable bond. You guys ROCK!!! Give Chandi a huge kiss right on the lips from me!!

  9. Dorothy Frost says:

    Loved the whole video. Dogs can do so much more than we can imagine.
    My friend, and motorhome-buddy recently lost her border collie-mix, whom
    she had owned and loved for 12 years. He was so special, so smart, so
    aware and willing to please, and so much like the dog in the video it brought tears to my eyes to see this wonderful dog perform who looked so
    much like my friend, Scooter. Thank you.

  10. Jessie Cavitt says:

    Fantastic! Such a joy to watch.

    I was able to watch the video at home last night. I was truly amazed! Today I have been telling all my friends about it, but have been unable to watch the video again so I am disappointed that I can’t share my enthusiasm with everyone (I’m sure no one else can play it either). I keep getting a message about a virus and it won’t play. I hope you don’t remove it, it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you get the issue resolved soon so many more people can watch your wonderful dog and are also inspired by it! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sara K says:

    As an animal lover I can honestly say that they never cease to amaze me. Their potential, enthusiam and love is astounding. It always makes me so happy to see bonds between people and animals that bring out the best in both- and this is definately a stellar example.

    Thank you so much for sharing this and spreading love and inspiration.

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  13. Mark McCabe says:

    What a truly talented display of training and performance. Clearly a very special dog exceptionally well trained and handled. A pleasure to watch. I’d say nice choreography too but what do I know about that! LOL
    Mark McCabe
    Canine Behaviorist
    Eldersburg, MD 21784

  14. ciklonbill says:

    Great work, beautiful routine! This is my best. I love Mack and Mabel, and the overture has brilliant melody for K9freestyle. This is one of the greatest dogdancing-ideas in the World. Chandi was perfect, she hadn’t got any mistake in this routine! So nice… 🙂 Lovely bond. 😀

  15. Pauline says:

    I just get goosebumps and tears in my eyes watching your amazing Chandi … I have two border collies, who better get their dancing shoes on!!! I knew they were clever, but your doggie is AMAZING ! Well done !!

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