We have a brand new blog – introducing

We have a brand new blog – introducing Grace …  you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the page in the link address to find the very first post! feel free to leave comments or subscribe to the blog. I hope to write regular posts – daily if I can manage it!

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2 Responses to We have a brand new blog – introducing

  1. lesl says:

    Blessings with Grace… we had a Brandy – half aussie shepherd/half border collie mix… for twelve years. About five years ago I dreamed she played with a blue merle aussie shepherd male on the freeway overpass nearest our house, woke up and told my husband I had dreamed about the dog we were supposed to get when Brandy passed. She passed just about two years ago. I found Rocco, my blue merle aussie shepherd when I called my friend Al Vierra who raises border collies. I told him I was looking for a blue merle aussie shepherd and he told me his neighbor had Rocco, a seven year old blue merle aussie who had not worked out on their ranch and was being held in a garage on a leash for twelve hours a day and never let in the house. Needless to say, six days after Brandy passed, Rocco came home with us. I tell him he is Brandy’s brother and that he is a gift from Heaven. I love your story with Chandi. I know what you have done for the love of an animal… a soul mate. Thank you for writing your book “Chandi”…

  2. It was wonderful to be introduced to Grace last week. Thank you 🙂 Ros xx

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