Our new book is published!

Life has been a whirlwind since Britain’s Got Talent, which was almost two years ago now, back in 2010. For the past year, I have been working on writing our memoir, with Chandi, as ever, constantly by my side.

Getting our book published is a dream come true, as clichéd as that may sound, it is the truth. The day I received the very first copy of our book and held it in my hands, was an emotional one. Seeing copies on the shelf, for sale, was another!

Chandi and I did our first book signing on April 7, 2012, at a gorgeous independent book store, called Burway Books, in Church Stretton, Shropshire. I was feeling a little nervous;Chandi of course was feeling fine! I needn’t have worried though, lots of people came to see us and some had travelled considerable distances – coming from far and wide – London, Somerset and Yorkshire! It was lovely to chat to everyone and some people had already read our book cover to cover and it was overwhelming to listen to them telling me about their favourite parts and why they liked them so much, often referring to their own dogs.

One comment that many people made; and one that features a great deal in the reviews we are getting is that the book will make you cry, and laugh and you won’t be able to put it down. These are compliments that I never dreamed anyone would pay to my writing and our book – I don’t think there is anything better an author would wish to hear. Even when choreographing our routines and choosing music, I always hoped that my ideas and the way Chandi and me performed them would move people, and I was lucky that on several occasions I combined everything just right to do exactly that.

For many weeks before our book was officially released on March 29, 2012, it was at number one in ‘hot new released dog books’. Last week we reached the dizzy heights of number nine in ‘dog books’ just a few days after it was released.

So far – the book was only released on March 29,  – there are thirteen five star reviews on Amazon. Here is a taste of what some of them have to say, courtesy of Amazon:

Tina Humphrey has given us a beautifully written book about her, Pepper’s and Chandi’s story. This is not a shallow tale but a rich and true narrative. I was immediately absorbed and remained so throughout. I was laughing out loud as I read about Pepper frolicking on a nudist beach and in tears reading about Tina’s mum’s brave fight against cancer. I challenge anyone not to be heartened by the description of the bond between Tina, Chandi and Pepper and between Chandi and Pepper themselves. You will better understand the success Tina, Pepper and Chandi have achieved. This book will not disappoint.

I loved this book so much and found i could only put it down to take my own dog out. The story behind the Britain’s Got Talent ‘dancing dog’. We first learn how Tina found Pepper, a frightened, broken stray at a local dog pound, and then 4 years later, Chandi. The story behind Tina’s relationship and accomplishments with both her dogs is heartwarming. I laughed out loud several times while reading about their camping trip and Peppers antics at a nudist beach. I cried when Tina descibed the pain of losing her parents and Pepper. But what we see throughout the whole book is the incredible bond Tina and Chandi share. A definite must-read!”

A very absorbing and insightful book, beautifully written by a very accomplished author. Long may she and her present and future dogs enjoy their mutual love and understanding. Family life, as Tina says, isn’t only about blood ties.

“…I knew, of course, that there would be tears. Boxes of tissues should be sold alongside this book, not only for those who love dogs, but for everyone who has ever loved and lost someone.

Heartwarming, funny, sad, and one of the most memorable books I have read.”

Please buy and read. Have tissues or a hankey close by – you will need it!!! It has everything I look for in a book – Good story, twists and turns, highs and lows, emotion and drama! AND it’s true too!”

An absolute must read book, once i had started it i couldnt put it down. I shed plenty of tears so make sure you have a box of tissues handy.”

More reviews can be seen by clicking here, which will take you to Amazon.

Our book ‘Chandi: the rescue dog who stole a nation’s heart’ is available in both paperback and Kindle edition,  from Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon.co.uk, and all good book stores, including Burway Books in Church Stretton.

In America, it is available  here , although Amazon.com has temporarily sold out of existing stock – but more is on the way!

We have more book signing dates lined up – check back often for more details – the next confirmed date is June 2, 2012, at Waterstones in Abergavenny  (time TBC).

We will also be signing at Waterstones in Macclesfield and Croydon, but dats and tiems are yet tobe confirmed. 

More requests from Waterstones branches are coming in on a daily basis, so more dates will be added to what is turning out to be a book signing tour!

There are of course references to various routines that Chandi and I  performed over the years. Once you discover the story behind them, you may want to watch the routine. This is the ‘dressage’ routine that I dedicated to my Mum.

And the next is the ‘show-jumping’ routine, the sister routine to the ‘dressage’ one:

This is from Crufts in 2007:

Our appearance on Richard and Judy, after winning BBC One’s talent show When will I be famous?, in 2007.

Routines from Crufts in 2009; the first is our ‘ballet’ routine:

and this is ‘Footprints in the sand’ – it’s a bit blurry, but still watchable:

Then from Britain’s Got Talent, our first audition:

At the semi-final:

And at the Final:

I hope that if you decide to read our book that you enjoy it and if you do, please recommend it to your friends – or share the link on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media websites.

Thank you,

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67 Responses to Our new book is published!

  1. Melinda Duroux says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi….I just watched this video today, November 6, 2008, and I’ve watched it numerous times….it’s elegance, grace, poise and true bond between the two of you. It is absolutely phenomenal. I adore animals, especially dogs. Watching this video touched my heart, my soul. So glad to know that someone else out there loves their dog as much as I love mine….she’s a Jack Russell Terrier named Olivia. Both you and Chandi are both fabulous!

  2. Michelle Gin says:

    Hello, Tina and Chandi.

    I’m only 12 years old, but I loved your video. It touched me and my friends to the bottom of our hearts. I love dogs, and I have longed for one and to have a special bond like you have with your dog. My friends and I all watched you and your dog’s amazing performance, and clapped, praised, and LOVED it. Great Job! My favorite dog breeds, are, coincidently, Border Collies. I love their fur, the beautiful patterns/colors, and the softness of it.
    My friends and I all wish you two the best of luck.

    Live the life you love,
    Love the life you live.

  3. Chris says:

    Tina & Chandi,

    I just watched your video and I have to say it’s one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. It’s not just merely a dance that I see, it is a beautiful connection that you have with each other. The part when Chandi stands on hind legs back to back with you brought tears to my eyes. It is not often in this life that we can have that kind of connection with anyone or anything. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Steve Wagner says:

    I have always been a dog lover and are amazed more and more each day by the intelligence and warmth that these animals possess. Continued success and good luck with that great dog.

  5. The beauty in that video—–WOW—-brought tears to my eyes. The connection that humans and animals can have are displayed perfectly in that dance. Us humans tend to think of ourselves as the teachers, but I think the animals teach us more than the other way around.

  6. Billie Kneale says:

    I am really impressed! I got to view the dancing dogs in December at the Eukannuba/AKC show in Long Beach. It was very popular. Hats off to all who take the time and effort to train these amazing dogs. As a long time AKC dog show judge and breeder of Kerry Blue Terriers, I am very aware of the efforts you people do in obedience, raley, agility, herding etc. Again, this video is the best I have seen-it brought tears to my eyes! I also have Connemara Ponies which one is going to be trained in dressage this summer. Hope she will be half as good as your dog!

  7. Richard Woodford says:

    Tina and Chandi,
    What an inspiration the 2 of you are! It is so heartwarming to see a bond like the 2 of you have, human and animal. I’ve had dogs all my life, mostly labradors. I just lost my 2 labs, a mother and her 11th of twleve puppies. Mom passed of old age and daughter of cancer. I miss them horribly and can’t wait to get another puppy. To watch the 2 of you perform is very moving and almost brings a tear to my eye. Keep spreading the joy.

  8. David Bak says:

    Tears in my eyes. That’s what I got watching the two of you perform today on the Crufts 2009. I cannot remember having seen a more heartwarming and moving, gracious display of love between a dog and human being ever before. I’ve been viewing all movies featuring the two of you on youtube and your site for the rest of the day. Never was a first place more earned. Congratulations, and thank you for this moment.

  9. Julie says:

    I put your Crufts 2009 Freestyle on my MySpace page, I have watched it so many times. Whenever I need something to make me smile your video does it, absolutely fantastic.

  10. So wonderful! We both cried from joy, to see such raport between species. a true gift from God.

  11. Hello,
    I just read an article in the Norwegian Kennel Gazette about the SATS programme for training dogs, and I felt this was indeed interesting. I am NOT a freestyler, and NOT very interested in competitions on obidience or agility, but VERY ionterested in the communication bit to be able to teach my dogs in everyday life and I have 2 collies that really don’t like the showring. I would like to try to “talk” them into it. You obviously has years of experience with this programme, and I wonder if you could please give me some advice how to start. I havwe ordered the “cook book” as introduction to the programme. Thank you. Yours, Astri. You are most welcome to visit my website

  12. Elizabeth and Louie Gregory says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi,
    You two are great and have a special bond!!
    I have a toy poodle called Louie but we do Agility not HTM, although we’d love to try it! He’s getting on quite well at Agility (we may do Crufts)!!
    Once again well done and good luck. xxxx

  13. chris mercer says:

    I’ll tell you when I first heard of competitive dog dancing I thought ,what now. Although I have danced with my hunting hounds and they seemed to enjoy it. I think they were just humoring me. KC Cover directed me to your site. The dancing was great but the connection between your dog and you was unbelievable. Some of the best training between man,oops, woman and dog I have ever seen. You are certainly a great trainer and yes Chandi is pretty good herself. Chris mercer Swansboro, nc. usa

  14. yyyy tttt says:

    Hi tina,
    its alice w, how do you get the vidios up

  15. bluecroft says:

    Hey Alice,
    Not sure what you’re having trouble with, but if you can’t find the videos, check the menu on the right hand side of the page (click on the picture of Chandi at the top of the page you’re on and the menu will come up on the right hand side of the page) then look for any page that mentions the word ‘video’, click on it and it will take you to the video page, then just click on the video and it will start to play.
    Hope that helps!
    Tina and Chandi.
    P.S. Hope you’ve kept our secret?!

  16. Deanna says:

    I am so enthralled by your dancing with Chandi. I can’t stop watching the videos. You two are so connected and charming and funny. I’m so glad to have found the videos, but I’m on a pretty slow connection and am wondering if you have a DVD for sale? If not, you should consider it. I’ve been sharing the utube site with everyone I know and they are all fascinated. Good luck this weekend. Do you know if any of these events are televised?

    Deanna in California

  17. greybrother says:

    Dear Tina and Chandi!

    I love your videos, and the musics. I love ‘classicals’ and old musicals, so when I see your videos i’m really happy! 🙂 My best is the Mack and Mabel routin. Chandi is beautyful, and extreme clever… My dog is really good too, but he was homlessdog, and he is afraid of lot of things. So congratulations!!!

  18. reverendshields says:

    Just saw you on Britains Got Talent and I must say i fell in love with chandi! well done on the fantastic performance 🙂 and good luck in the future rounds of BGT! =]

  19. Tomm :) says:

    Your performance on Britain’s Got Talent was FANTASTIC! You are both brilliant and deserve to go all the way! My Mum is a dog behaviorist and she really loved your act too! We were both blown away! Good luck for the future! 🙂

  20. Jeff says:

    We have spent today looking around dog rescue centres for a Border Collie, sadly, as yet, to no avail, so we keep on looking. Then, we get home to watch Britain’s Got Talent and we see Tina & Chandi. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!! Tina, you have a real skill & empathy to be able to train Chandi to such a level & Chandi, you are a very special dog indeed. Dog acts are usually uncomfortably embarrassing as dog does anything but what the deluded owner claims to be second nature ‘but not today, because she/he is put off by the audience’. Chandi proved that dog is really Man’s (& Woman’s) best friend & I really hope that this performance gets repeated time & time again as the show progresses. Chandi, you are wonderful & Tina, you are very talented & also very,very attractive. I wish you both lots of love.

  21. Andrew says:

    Well, I loved you on BGT. I thought the dog act most endearing too. However, you were the real star here. Take Care and the very best of luck.

  22. Jacquii says:

    I have just watched you both on Britains got Talent and your act brought tears to my eyes ~ it was fantastci! Really good luck x

  23. Monica says:

    I really wish that you both win Britain’s got Talent . Lots of love xx

  24. ciklonbill says:

    Dear Tina and Chandi,

    Your presentation in the Britain’s got Talent was fantastic! Chandi was very good, so it’s perfect and lovely show again! Be proud to you, because you are really amazing, like you said… 🙂
    Best of luck in the future, Bella

  25. Hazel says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi

    Saw you on Britains got talent, talent you certainly have I hope you win, I re-watched your performance on you tube.


  26. Nestov Ratz says:

    What a wonderful heart warming act. You are very lucky to have each other! I am really looking forward to seeing Chandi again. Thanks so much for cheering up my weekend.

  27. Chantel says:

    Hi Tina & Chandi,
    Saw your act on BGT – brought tears to my eyes. You make an amazing team and well done to you both. Best of luck to the future rounds of BGT, you certainly have my support! Big hug and kiss to Chandi 😉

  28. Isabella says:

    Dear Tina and Chandi!

    I live in South of Sweden, and I just saw the BGT youtube clip. It is wonderful, and it almost made my cry happy tears.

    You to are remarkable together! 🙂

    Hugs Malmoe, Sweden

  29. Mark says:

    Watched you on BGT and must say what a great team you are and must say Tina who ever gets to be with the pair of you are very lucky. Good luck Mark xx

  30. sakinahq says:

    I hope you win! You deserve it. Excellent performance

  31. jenni says:

    You and Chandi are unique! It was so refreshing to watch you both perform with your charm, pathos, humour and skill after all the rather loud, brash and above all predictable acts. I really loved it and hope you go on to win!

  32. M says:

    Hello, Tina,
    This week we heard about your appearance on Britain’s Got Talent (not available in Canada except on YouTube) and were absolutely captivated by the performance you and Chandi gave. The subsequent searches at YouTube turned up more lovely stuff; and I wanted to tell you just how much pleasure you’ve both given this little family.
    In a very short while you’ve both become dear to my old Mum, too, who has watched the clips repeatedly. If we didn’t all live in Canada, we would be “Tina & Chandi” voters, for sure.
    Whatever happens at BGT, I hope you receive the appropriate admiration and well-wishes due to your many years of efforts in developing talent in humans and non-humans, Tina.
    Many thanks for your very good work and your kindness in sharing a remarkable dog with the world. It’s certainly that much better a place for you two passing through it.

    M and Family

  33. Don says:

    I saw the wonder of a dog wanting to please it owner and who is so in sink with and in love with it’s master.You do bring tears of joy.

  34. Amy says:

    I belong to MDSA, and love the routines you and Chandi have done. Ever so fresh, constant surprise, always enjoyable. I am always amazed at what we are able to teach our dogs. Your relationship w/Chandi is evident in your work. (I’m still working on basics, like getting my girl to circle backwards around me.) Where on earth do you find such wonderful music? Hope you come to the states sometime!!!

  35. Marius says:

    Dear Tina,
    Amazing dog, amazing job you did! Besides, you are a beautiful and multi-talented young lady, you also teach piano&violin, wow! As you are a musician, i am offering you a small present that you can hear on my website (Videos section) – one of my works- Sonata double concertante for violin, piano and orchestra – first work ever written for violin&piano&big orchestra. Enjoy it and if you wished to create some ballet-like act for you and Chandi, you are welcome to use my music.
    Thank you for the joy you brought to me with your act! Go on!
    Greetings from Canada!

  36. Jeremy Waite says:

    Congratulations on your recent success. We all love Chandi here (as does most of the UK by the looks of it)!

    I am helping to build a new high profile on-line community for pet lovers, and would love to talk to you about getting involved in the launch. If you could get in touch or let me know your contact details, I’d love to give you more information.

    Best wishes,
    Jeremy Waite

  37. ellie h says:

    you were amazing on bgt! i just wanted to ask, do you have a full photo of chandi’s head? good quality large image? because she is BEAUTIFUL, and i’d love to draw her. thanks!

  38. Alice W says:

    Best Wishes
    Alice W

    ps. Fingers crossed, i’m sooooo watching it on tues!! xxx

  39. Sophie greaves says:

    Hi tina, you may not remember me but I went out with chris during uni. I was watching britains got talent and saw you! I was amazed and had to look you up!! Well done on everything you have achieved. I shall definitely be watching your progress. Good luck. Love sophie.

  40. Digby Edwards-Walsh says:

    Tina and Chandi are my favourite act on Britains Got Talent, I want them to win.

  41. Chris says:

    Tina and Chandi through to final of Britains got Talent.
    🙂 Made my Tuesday night worth while.
    Loved the act and with you all the way to the final.
    🙂 Tina and Chandi

  42. Joanne Moore says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi. I saw your performance on Tuesday first June 2010 on BGT semi final and you both performed so well and so brilliantly I am so happy your both in the BGT final on Saturday I will be watching and supporting you and I hope you both win. Tina your so pretty and so talented and Chandi your so talented and so cute. I also saw your BGT audition and that was superb I gave you a standing ovation in my living room after your audition and after your performance in the semi final. May I have a signed photo of you Tina and you Chandi please with my name on both please thank you.Me and my mate may be seeing you and all of the other BGT contestants on the BGT tour in Sheffield Arena in Sheffield can’t wait for that. Love you both to bits and I hope you continue this act because it rocks. Take care Tina and Chandi love you both to bits from your number one fan in Hull Joanne Moore xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  43. Congratulations on getting through tonight, we think you are both fantastic 🙂


  44. anne stewart says:

    Hey Tina and Chandi, just want to tell you how amazing i think your act is on bgt! A clear winner for me, i love watching you both it brings a nice cheery end to my busy day 🙂 keep up the good work! I have every confidence that you can win the competition 🙂 well done! Xx

  45. josephhyland says:

    Hi I watched you on BGT on Tusday and on saturday you are both BRILLIANT! I can’t vote until the finals because I watch all the semies on the itv player your great at acting on BGT I was so exited when I heared you got the maost votes my mum loves you too. I usaly whatch BGT with the headphones on but when it’s you I turn up the volume and take out the headphones. Best of luck to both of you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  46. Siobhan says:

    Hello, Chandi reminds me of my dog who passed away 10 years ago – we called her Liath, who is the Gaelic word for “grey”.

    Chandi is a joy to watch – keep it up and the very best of luck!


  47. simon says:

    You are life-affirming! Good luck on Saturday!

  48. sandra says:

    Good luck tonight chandi lucy and i will be watching and voting, i loved the semi’s you are a wonder dog

  49. Angela Ottaway says:

    After watching Chandi on BGT tonight I think she’s adorable.

  50. Georgina says:

    Its not important that you didn’t win Britains Got Talent, as all us dog lovers know how truly wonderful our k9 friends are, you and chandi are a joy to watch and I voted for you not only for your talent but also for your compassion. The relationship we dog lovers have with our dogs is a magical one which only we understand. God bless xxxxx

  51. Lucy Precious says:

    Hello Tina and Chandi! I am Lucy Precious and I am 12 years old. I love all animals, especially dogs, horses and dolphins. I am so glad you have an official website and I think Chandi (and you) are ace! I am one of your biggest fans and really wanted you to win Britains Got Talent. (sorry you didn’t win). Your performances were fantastic and I loved all of your acts. Congratulations aswell for winning Crufts! I hope you and Chandi are well and are celebrating getting into Britains Got Talent final!

    From Lucy xxx

  52. Georgina says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi, you did so, so well in Britain’s Got Talent! You did a great job! And you have been really inspiring to me and I’m sure, many other people! You can see the bond between you and Chandi and it’s so touching to watch. I really can’t find the words to express myself here but I just wanted you to know that you were great and I wish you both the very best in the future. Thank you for showing Britain your amazing talent!

  53. Aaron Paul Hicks says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi, I LOVED you on BGT and cant understand the neg press you had, what up with some people! I have two awesome golden retrievers whom i adore and my parents have a border collie named Sam who is soooooooo intelligent its unreal!
    I love your site and give you both my loyal support ‘YOUR FAB’
    We voted for you in every round and so glad you got to the final show,
    Lots of love to you and your babies,
    Take care love Aaron and doggies xxx

  54. Susan says:

    Chandi, you are ‘simply the best’. Thank you for the happiness you have given to so many by being on Britan’s Got Talent

  55. sarah says:

    you are the best act ever you should of one, i think you were better than spellbound

  56. sarah says:

    shandi is so cute

  57. Robert Johnson says:

    Hi Chandi and Tina. Just loved your act and I think you are both wondeful.
    Spellbound are a first class act but I think most people would agree that Tina and Chandi are at least equal. Nothing more to add than that alredy said on here by everyone else exept thank you and good luck for the future.

  58. sarah says:

    shandi is not getting old simon is just jealouse because she is a better dance
    please reply:)

  59. Kelly prior says:

    Just wanna say I loved u both on bgt and thought u should have won , we live in Shrewsbury too and think you have done our town proud putting us on the map , our 2year old loves chandi ! Maybe you could make an apperance at his nxt bday party ! Thanks Kelly x

  60. Doreen Messenger says:

    When I feel a little down, I play the video of you and Chandi at Crufts dancing to Mack and Mabel and I feel so much better for watching it. Thank you both so much for making an old woman happy.

  61. hi i love chandi how do u get her to do alll those things its brilliant

  62. Phil says:

    Hi Tina, we were out for the day today in Brighton and at the end of a great day out after celebrating my son Louis 6th birthday we saw you walking Chandi down the road. Thankyou very much for you both having you picures taken with Louis and it really made his birthday special. Sorry at the time I could remember your names but I certainly won’t forget in the future. Goodluck with the tour to you both. X

  63. Ellie Ford says:

    Hi Tina and Chandi,

    It is Ellie ford here we met outside the Metro Radio Arena Newcastle on Monday night.
    I would like to say a big massive THANK YOU for speaking to me and bringing Chandi out to see me when she was very tired and it was wet.
    I really enjoyed watching yous on the television and in person it was amazing Chandi is the nicest dog I have ever met you are very lucky.
    I would like a dog like Chandi but my dad and mum says it would be unfair because it would be home alone all day when we are at school and they are at work.
    Ellie Ford age 7
    Newcastle xx

  64. Tina and Chandi says:

    Hi Ellie!

    Thank you so much for sending us a message – we so hoped that you would! It was absolutely lovely to meet you and your Mum – Chandi realy enjoyed it as well, despite the horrible rain. We are both so glad that you enjoyed the show and I know how lucky I am that I get to be with Chandi each and every day!

    Lots of love to you, and we hope that your arm gets better really soon.
    Tina and Chandi. X
    P.S. Write to us any time you want – we’d love to hear from you!

  65. Hi guys, love the site, you have done a wonderful job and the new photographs are fab. Keep up the good work.

    Nig & Jo

  66. Wow! You have such a busy life! Saw you in Dogs Today and thought I should have a look – nice! I’m sure it’s been said before… but Chandi is ADORABLE! 🙂

  67. I love Tina and Chandi! They have such creative and musical routines that really look like dancing. I featured them as one of the top Doggie Dancing teams on my site http://www.DoggieDancing.com Check it out to see more great Doggie Dancing videos and Like us on Facebook to help promote this wonderful sport.

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